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The first need of a free people is to define their own terms.- Stokely Carmichael 

The Planning Coalition aims to cultivate a positive, empowering perspective within the community. We desire to teach our community positive and empowering self talk. Secondly, The Coalition seeks to enable the community to use resources effectively. Lastly, we enable the community to act on values and ideas.

+ Challenge the negative views about our communities.
+ Teach self-empowerment, positive self talk and self affirmation.
+ Identify negative habits and values to become more self-aware.


+ Acknowledge and celebrate our individual strengths.
+ Use existing resources efficiently and effectively.
Create fresh, innovative concepts to make a positive impact on our progress.[/one_third]


+ Follow through on ideas we have the knowledge and resources to pursue.
+ Organize the individuals in our community to participate in positive change.
+ Evaluate our actions as effective use of the peoples’ resources.