Dominick's Town Hall

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dominicks-ppl-After December 28, 2013, Dominick’s on 71st and Jeffrey will no longer operate. With the heart of South Shore’s food source is closing, We need a healthy, viable food option for our vibrant community. A high quality, affordable food option in the area will immediately improve surrounding shopping options for a more vibrant, shopping experience.   Registration is encouraged but not required. See you there!

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Your host : SSPPCINC

Profile photo of SSPPCINC SSPPCINC says:

Hi Stephanie,
We’re always happy to hear from neighbors! A strategic plan is one thing we hope to get out of this meeting. It will not be a moan and groan session for sure. Can’t wait to see everyone there to talk about all the positive things our community can do make progress.

Stephanie J Whitaker says:

I will definitely attend this meeting and look forward to learning about the ways our community will support the businesses that we want to keep alive. We will need to have a strategic plan about how to create a safe space for this new business and changing the surrounding area.

Profile photo of SSPPCINC SSPPCINC says:

Hello Anne,
Absolutely. These are points we aim to make at the meeting and come up with action items for bringing a solid option to Jeffrey Plaza. As of Friday, December 6, The Planning Coalition sent a letter to the office of the mayor requesting that we be on the Mayor’s Task Force. We are awaiting his reply and expect a positive response. We are also working to allow people who can not come to view the meeting online via skype or something similar.

Profile photo of A Anne A Anne says:

I really hope we can get another grocery to occupy that space at 71st & Jeffrey. Without one, I think that whole little strip mall will fail and add to all the other boarded up storefronts in South Shore. But if that space is not an option for another food store, than I hope we can pursue getting a grocery for the East side of South Shore in another location. I hope we won’t have to wait for the old steel works site proposed retail development to get good healthy food for our neighbourhood. I also have to say that the Dominick’s at 71st and Jeffrey was never the quality that it could have been. Many times I shopped there and found the produce selection lacking and sometimes wilting, especially when compared to the stores on the North side and the store on Roosevelt Road. I also found a lot of canned goods on the shelves that were past their sell-by dates. The bakery and the meat department seemed to be managed better. Well, maybe this will be an opportunity to get something better for our neighbourhood, if we rally together, get organized, and push the issue. Maybe we can get the attention of the newly named Mayor’s Task Force on the subject?

Profile photo of A Anne A Anne says:

I hope to be able to come, if I don’t have to work.