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Purpose & Vision

This website and the services it offers was born out of a deep need for southside neighbors to connect with each other and recieve valuable information that we often miss. This website is dedicated to giving neighbors a digital safe space to connect and offering benediction; good word. We are committed to sharing information that is actionable, valuable and positive. We also aim to combat the negative press and perceptions that our South Side neighborhoods receive by reporting positive, uplifting news.


Throughout South Shore, constituents and neighbors are increasingly concerned with the well-being of this economically diverse community. South Shore is known throughout Chicago as one of its cultural, environmental and artistic hubs. The Planning Coalition has stepped up as a coalition to help bring these diverse voices together. While this is an ongoing process, we are committed to the people of South Shore, by having an organization that helps set the table to bring as many stakeholders as possible to the table.


The South Shore Planning and Preservation Coalition (“The Planning Coalition”) is a community-based collaboration of diverse organizations, businesses, residents, and concerned stakeholders, united to serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life within the South Shore community.


To promote and facilitate the building of community partnerships toward a shared vision that strengthens and connects family, community, and economic development. 

This decision to engage in these efforts responds to residents, who from on-going workshops, meetings and surveys, have identified the need for improved linkages and cooperation among the organizations, institutions and residents of the community. Coalition members are committed to forging and maintaining linkages.